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Rebecca Kleefisch with a gun? -- For real?

Here's a scary thought:

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) says a proposed new concealed carry law will make his wife, LtGov Rebecca for real Kleefisch, safer because she'll be able to carry a gun to protect herself.

It seems she was threatened once by someone who ingeniously left a message on her neighbor's answering machine. The person did some jail time, but is now out and Kleefisch has had some worried nights while his wife was at work, he said. But now he feels better, reports:

"This is a great day for my wife. My wife will have the ability to protect herself," he said.


Kleefisch said he didn't know whether his wife will choose to carry a gun. But he said if she did, "That gun would be the great equalizer."

With the miminal amount of what would pass for "training" under the bill recommended by Joint Finance, Rebecca will be lucky if she knows which end the bullet comes out of.

But maybe the mere threat that she might be packing a pistol will be enough. That's one theory among the pro-carry crowd. It would certainly lessen the chances that she will be shot or shoot someone else if she chooses that alternative.

If she's packing for real, clear the streets.



June 10, 2011 - 12:45pm