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Reality check: Recalls are on GOP turf

This reminder from right wing "analyst" Christian Schneider, writing for the

Republicans have a big home-court advantage,which would make three victories today especially sweet. 

The fact worth noting in this right winger's analysis, which would make victory even sweeter: The seats being recalled represent 288 combined consecutive years of Republican representation. For the most part, the six seats up for election today are very GOP-heavy. Sen. Luther Olsen’s district has been represented by a Republican since 1896; Sen. Randy Hopper’s seat has been in Republican hands since 1936. Senator Rob Cowles’ seat near Green Bay was last held by a Democrat 61 years ago, in 1950. The least-Republican seat, held by Sen. Dan Kapanke for only seven years, is almost certain to go to the Democrats today.


August 9, 2011 - 2:01pm