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RE: the publication of the budget repair bill

It's looking more and more like this is a procedural issue - the TRO against the bill publication really should have enjoined the LRB as well as preventing LaFollette from publishing the bill. My guess is that the LRB felt they had no legal choice other than to publish the bill.  On the other hand, it's not very clear that the bill actually has the force of law, despite being published (though I am certain that the Walker administration will act as if it does have the force of law until proven otherwise). 

Note the two attached documents - the bill itself, and a memo from the Dept. of Justice - which I'm afraid doesn't shed a lot of light other than to say that they're looking into it.

Let's hope that things become clearer next week.  In the meantime, settle down and watch the Supreme Court Justice debate at 7. 

Update -- Jon Erpenbach seems to be blaming Scott Fitzgerald from his Facebook page -

Fitzgerald ordered LRB to publish the law. It's unclear if that does in fact make it law. LRB is unclear on that too. Lawyers are sorting things out.


March 25, 2011 - 6:08pm