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Rantings from RoJo

This may become a regular feature.  Ron Johnson offers endless opportunities.

He met with the editorial board of the Green Bay Press Gazette, which reports:

His focus remains on repealing last year's health care reforms, President Barack Obama's signature achievement and the largest factor in Johnson's motivation to run for office. But he wouldn't stop there.

"We should repeal the entire Obama agenda," he said.

Has anyone pointed out that Obama is still the president and he is a member of the minority party in the Senate? More:

Younger people have no expectation of having any Medicare or Social Security. So I don't really fear bringing that up as a political issue."

If he and Paul Ryan have their way, young people will be right in having no expectations.  But there is no reason for them to think that now.

Like many Republican — and Democratic — lawmakers, Johnson believes the tax code needs to be updated and simplified by eliminating loopholes that allow some corporations and wealthy individuals to pay a lower tax rate than the middle class.

However, he said he would stop short of ending some subsidies, like those for oil companies. Without those fewer companies will be interested in digging wells, which would have a residual effect on the economy, he said.

"Silly me, I like to have oil flowing so that we can produce gasoline so I can fill up my tank in my car," he said.

"If we eliminated that tax treatment, what would happen? I would argue you're not going to get as much oil exploration. You won't have as much oil. You'll have fewer supplies and just as much demand so prices will spike. You'll harm our economy, harm economic growth."

Does he really think that oil companies would get out of the business if they didn't get huge tax breaks, or that the oil business wouldn't be profitable?  Or is he simply speaking as a BP stockholder? (Not sure whether he ever sold it or not)

If you're a glutton for punishment, there's


August 24, 2011 - 2:01pm