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Rally at Wisconsin Capitol on Oct 22 for Clean Water

Wisconsin is under attack and we face a grave and growing danger. We are people fighting to protect our homes, our water, and quality of life from an industry with a horrid track record of polluting rural communities

Rally and party at the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol on Oct 22, Saturday from 10 a.m. to Noon, and after.

We're fighting for clean and safe water from the biological, chemical, and economic attack from industrialized ag factories, or CAFOs

Our , an industrialized and massively polluting corporate farming model adopted by big agriculture against popular opposition.

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We are at a crossroads in Wisconsin. Our water, air and quality of life is threatened by industrial agriculture and its factory farming. You only have to look at and their polluted wells; the DNR's incorporation of on the cumulative impacts of high capacity wells; ; or the and enforcement to see that the CAFO way of doing business is causing harm across this state.

We The People have the power to change what no longer serves us but we must stand together; unified in our message that we will exercise our collective power to protect our rights to clean water, clean air and a good quality of life. It's time our elected officials in Madison decide to stand with us, the citizens of Wisconsin, and help us push back against a greedy and immoral industry that is poisoning our rural communities.


October 21, 2016 - 1:00pm