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Rail Cheaper and Faster Than Air

Today I Googled the numbers for one-way business travel, Chicago to Madison

(using December 14 and January 11 as travel days)





A search turns up over 20 daily flights between Chicago and Madison

Assuming each flight carries 40 passengers (low estimate to include smaller equipment)

Carrying capacity of 20 flights about 800 passengers; price goes up as seats get scarce.

= $316 up to $550

1 hour to get to airport

1 hour to get through security

1 hour to fly

1/2 hour to leave plane and get baggage and

1 hour to get into downtown Madison

4.5 hours - Total Travel Time:





$45 - Ticket price (based on Chicago fares today)

$10-$40 for cab or bus fares

= $55-$85

These 800 (and more) air passengers will have an alternative with rail because the carrying capacity of the train is in the hundreds assuring travelers of quick access to the train.

Minutes. Travel to Chicago station from downtown

Minutes. No security check in. Short walk to gate.

Travel: 2-3 hours

Minutes: walk off train to downtown public transportation

3-4 hours - Total Travel Time:



DRIVE 170 miles


$94. @ IRS rated 55 cents/mile

$15 Illinois tolls

$10 parking in Madison

= $119

(Rental: $70 for day, plus $15 for gas, $15 for tolls = $100) plus drop off fee.

1 hour leave Chicago

3 hours freeway drive

.5 hour drive into Madison

4.5 hours - Total Travel Time:

Cannot work and drive, arrive tired.



Nobody will ride that train? My answer: Who is flying in all those planes?



November 14, 2010 - 10:55pm