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Rachel "Family Values" Campos-Duffy Still Shares Thoughts (and Breastmilk?!?) with Old Flame "Puck"

[img_assist|nid=396317|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=172]Rachel Campos-Duffy, wife of Congressman Sean Duffy, gained fame back in 1993 on MTV's Real World, where her relationship with David "Puck" Rainey sent ratings skyrocketing.

Campos-Duffy recently returned to the spotlight when she called Michelle Obama a bad role model for girls because she complimented Beyonce's halftime show, which Campos-Duffy condemned as "totally slutty."  Campos-Duffy is also an active member of Concerned Women of America, which according to their , "helps bring biblical principles into all levels of public policy."

In addition, Real World has regained notoriety with MTV re-airing all of the old episodes and doing "where are they nows" of some of the more popular cast members.  In response to a fan's question, asking if she still was in contact with any of her old cast members, Campos-Duffy tweeted "Yes!  Mostly Puck and Norm." (See twitter screen shot above.)

"Puck," who was recently named to TV Guide's "60 Nastiest Villains of All Time," can vouch that they have indeed stayed in touch.  In a recently unearthed Howard Stern interview, he said that he had done a joint appearance with Campos-Duffy, that she "had a kid" and was married to "Sean from Real World."  He also offered that he "drank her breastmilk":

Howard Stern: Who do you do the tour with?

David "Puck" Rainey: It depends, I like Rachel, from the Real World, she's pretty cool...

Stern:  Have you been banging her for awhile?

Hainey: no, no... I didn't bang her

Stern:  You were her boyfriend for awhile

Hainey: I drank her breastmilk, though... the last speaking engagement I did with her

Robin Quivers: ...Gross!

Stern: Did she have a baby?

Hainey: Yeah, she had a kid with Sean, from the Real World, they got married

Stern: I don't remember which one that is

Hainey: He's a lawyer and a lumberjack-- where do you get that guy?  Jesus, man

Stern: Nice... why bother with the lawyer part if you're a lumberjack?

Quivers: I think they did a TV show about that

Stern: Rachel was the good-looking one, right?

Rainey: Yeah, she's cute

Stern: You were kind of interested in her for awhile...

Rainey:  Yeah, I made out with her, she was cute...

Stern: Yeah, and she got weird with you and you got weird with her...

Now I know what your thinking:  Why would you ever let someone-- especially your ex-boyfriend-- drink your breastmilk?  I'm sure it was completely innocent and went something like this:

Campos-Duffy:  Hey Puck... how you been?

Puck:  Not to bad, Rach... that's cool that you got a kid

Campos-Duffy:  Yeah, speaking-of, you wanna try some fresh breastmilk?!?

Stern and "Puck" also discussed his recent nine month time in jail.  It turns out that Rainey, a convicted felon, has been in and of jail and prison since he left the Real World, with offenses ranging from domestic violence to child endangerment to illegal ammunition to stalking.

Glad to hear Campos-Duffy is still in contact (and sharing breastmilk!) with this great role model!




April 11, 2013 - 3:28pm