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Question of the day

Is David Clarke running for something?

Or is he just in heat for publicity?

He has delusions of grandeur, once ran an embarrassingly bad campaign for mayor of Milwaukee.

He considered running for county executive when Scott Walker was elected governor, but the Republican bosses told him it was Jeff Stone's turn, so he backed off.

Chris Abele's up in April, and doesn't have an opponent.  It's a free ride for Clarke, but a loss could really hurt his standing. 

Meanwhile, Clarke's always been a publicity hound, so he's loving the attention and happy to pick a fight every day, whether it's about the budget, guns, or illegal immigrants.  And the media just eat it up. 

It may energize the right wing base, but he sounds a lot like someone who's off his meds.  And that could be a problem.


October 6, 2011 - 4:22pm