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Pssst... National Review... Scott Walker Has Got an "Islam Problem" Too

Unfortunately the big news today for Chris Christie isn't that he's in Wisconsin campaigning for Walker.

In a , the National Review just put out a hit piece enitled "Chris Christie's Islam Problem." Apparently the rumors of Christie being considered for VP is too much for the conservative rag and they had to take him out by reminding everyone that he isn't as racist as the rest of the party when it comes to dem thar damn Mas-lams.

To Christie's credit, he has previously told such critics where they can go:  One of the few circumstances when his blustery style has actually been appropriate. 

However, this does does illumunitate the problem of racism and intolerance within the present-day GOP.  A recent poll found that a majority of Republicans believe that Muslims are more violent than adherants to other religions.  In addition, the has found that an astonishing 1/3 of Republicans still believe the thoroughly debunked myth that President Obama is a Muslim and another 1/3 say they don't know Obama's religion-- meaning that about 2/3 of the Republican Party is using what they consdider a smear by directly or indirectly suggesting that Obama is a MUSLIM!

I just hope the National Review doesn't find out that one of the few schools Scott Walker is increasing funding to is private voucher schools in Milwaukee, one of which just happens to be... wait for it... a MADRASAH!

That's right, National Review, your golden arm golden boy conservative "rock star" is using tax payer funded vouchers to fund a Muslim school in Milwaukee!   They even have a Mosque! 

In fact, at , they cover their faces and get this, National Review, the principal of the school is named Basimah Abdullah.... ahhhhhhhhhh!

Unfortuneately, while most Republicans love the idea of a CHRISTIAN school getting voucher money I've got a hunch that the National Review and the rest of the knuckle draggers in the Republican Party would be repulsed by the idea of using taxpayer funding to pay for Islamic students to study the Koran.

The problem is that the National Review and most Republicans confuse violence and backwardness that often accompanies Islamic-based theocracies with the religion of Islam.  They're, of course different and, ironically, its only by highlighting religions they're repulsed by getting funded by the government that the wrongheadedness of vouchers and the slippery slope toward a theocracy is illuminated to them.  Maybe.   


May 1, 2012 - 10:49am