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Profile This

For some reason people some people in the northern part of Wisconsin are a little miffed about the new profiling law that goes into effect in the next few weeks. If you read the comments posted on the EC Leader Telegram website concerning a piece that was in Monday, Nov. 22 edition (See related link below) nearly all the comments are negative. Basically people think it's a waste of time. Well of course they do. They aren't the one's being profiled.

Granted there are not that many people of color up in this neck of the woods so I'm sure people wonder why we need to track such a thing. I say, that's all the more reason to do it. Bias is a strange thing. Sometimes bias develops because of not being familiar. 

My take is that they should also be tracking the profiling of young males (all race, color and creeds) as I've got 3 sons who get stopped for the most ridiculous things. i.e. I drive my car around never get stopped. My son's drive the same car and they get stopped by the police for a trailer hitch that is partially blocking the license plate. Ya right! -saw-


November 23, 2010 - 7:24am