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Potshots from the sidelines 10/5/2012 edition

Time for another rambling dispatch from the great NorthWest of Wisconsin.  The national campaigns are the big news, but as everyone knows most of the policy that really affects your lives happens with the candidates from your own state.  To that end:

  • I note that Paul Ryan continues to be too busy to debate with .  This is deplorable, especially as he has decided to hedge his bets by running for two offices at once. Zerban would be an infinitely better representative of the people than Ryan, and Ryan should be willing to explain to  his constituents why he thinks he is a better choice.  Personally I would love to hear that story.
  • While we're talking about better representatives of the people, there are several races up here in my neck of the woods that are crucially important, particularly to the environment and the people in my part of the state  is running in the 29th Assembly district against John Murtha.  Jim is a friend both to me and to conservation and environment issues in the state. He has been running a "tin-cup" grassroots campaign against Murtha.  At a time when sand mining and other environmental issues are overwhelming around here, it's really important to support environmental candidates.  Jim is a great one.
  • While we're on the topic - used to be my representative and I miss having him in the legislature.  He got quite a lot of good progressive work done while he was there, and I was amazed to see how well he grew into the office and became a great representative.  He used to be (well, still is, actually) seen everywhere in the district having listening sessions, talking to his constituents, and generally trying to improve his district.  Warren Petryk won the last election, and to all appearances he has been hiding out since taking office.  It's time to bring Jeff back and get the district moving forward again.
  • Last but not least of these candidates is .  I've known Pat for years, starting when he was a news anchor in Eau Claire, and through his tenure in the legislature.  Now he's running against the inimitable Sean Duffy.  Personally I would be willing to vote for Pat just on the basis of his "non-lumberjack" ads that have been running in the local media. It's time for us to have federal representation from someone who is a real person and not a reality-show escapee.
  • All of these people are in the .   See the thermometer?  Click on it, it's your one-stop gateway to contributing to the campaigns of all of these people, and other great progressive candidates.  Give to them all, or sprinkle the money around however suits you.  And while you're at it, leave a little tip for the Act Blue people so they can continue to do the great work they do.
  • I note that the Journal-Sentinel editorial board was amused by my rantings during the first presidential debate.  Look to see installment two featured on the JSOnline web site during the upcoming Biden/Ryan debate.  Rumor has it there will be a representative of the right-side of Wisconsin as well.
  • And while we're talking about featurable Wisconsin blogger types -- my good buddy Emily Mills is now working for the ACLU in Madison, and as part of that she has organized a , which is coming up on Oct. 16 .  If you do photography for a blog, or anything else, this is highly recommended.  Also highly recommended is the Uppity Wisconsin calendar, which we are improving as one of the ongoing site improvement projects.  If your organization runs events in the state we would love to have them in the calendar -just sign up for an account to enter them yourself, or just let us know.
  • I think that in picking on PBS in the debate Romney not only put his foot in his mouth but chewed on it way up to the knee.  Since then he's been subject to all kinds of Internet ridicule, letters from angry little kids jonesing for a Sesame Street fix, and a general lack of comprehension how that buck and a half or so per person of taxes can be the cause of our economic problems.  Anyway, upon hearing about this my daughter's Cookie Monster and Rowlf puppets leapt out of the closet and demanded the right to protest in great Wisconsin tradition, and will soon be riding around in our car with us.  Look for an upcoming interview.
  • We've often talked here about our current Junior and soon to be (God Help US) Senior Senator, Ron Johnson.  In progressive blogs in the state, the senator's name is very often preceded by the word "dumb".  Can't imagine why.  Anyway, I am happy to say that there is now a new web site from the OneWisconsinNow folks singing the praises of our dumb senator - http://www.ourdumbsenator.com/  I'm sure that there will be plenty of material to contribute.  If you have your own examples of Ron Johnsonation please feel free to submit to them.
  • Lastly - We're getting ready for another pre-election showing of We Are Wisconsin up here, and are at the moment trying to find a different venue for this showing, just to shake things up a little.  Watch This Space!


October 5, 2012 - 3:46pm