We're playing with some new technology out here on the farm. Because of that, I think we may be coming up with a few changes within the next few months here. I thought I'd mention them in hope of getting some feedback on what the rest of you think.

  1. I'm interested in setting up some ability to have Action Events - so that people could put up issues that require some sort of action and ways to take action on them.
  2. We're looking into using the OpenID technology on the site - the upshot of this is that anyone with an OpenID account would be able to log in directly on this site, and any other site with an OpenID login system. That's in the works, but it might take a while to get going.
  3. We've been looking into some social networking stuff, particularly integrating with things like MyBlogLog, and some of the tagging technologies. So far I'm not convinced it's worth the effort, but if someone feels differently, let me know.
  4. Within the next couple of months we'll have something called "My Uppity Wisconsin" where you'll be able to build your own personal home page on the site that will contain the news, etc. that interests you all in one place. It's working, but it's not quite ready for prime-time yet. You'll be able to collect the feeds from a lot of your favorite sources in one page. At that point, a lot of the boxes on the sides of the site will probably disappear.
  5. I'm thinking about a theme redesign- you can only stand so much blue ---

As always - if you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch--