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Plale gets his payoff

Former Dem State Sen. Jeff Plale has landed a job at the Administration Department, reports:

Plale, who lost his seat in the September Dem primary, will serve as administrator of the Division of State Facilities, according to an e-mail sent to DOA staff this morning. The notice touted Plale's work on the State Building Commission.

Apparently it didn't tout the real reasons the Republicans like him -- Plale's work to kill the Clean Energy Jobs Act last year, his deciding vote, that prevented ratification of 17 labor contracts with state workers last month, his willingness to let special interests write their own regulations.

He'll be a nice fit for the Walker administration. And the new job and salary will certainly fatten his state pension.

Plale, a South Milwaukee Democrat, lost in the primary to State Sen. Chris Larson in September for the very reasons Walker likes him.

Will his cohort, former State Sen. Russ Decker, who helped kill the clean energy bill and the union contracts, end up in the administration, too, or will his payoff be less obvious?  Decker, the former majority leader, lost his seat to a Republican.


January 19, 2011 - 11:19am