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Picking on small fry, while big one gets away

Something doesn't add up here: One Wisconsin Now:

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has violated the state of Wisconsin's campaign finance laws 1,115 times since 2009 by failing to disclose information about contributors who donated more than $100. Walker's serial offenses include 456 contributions filed in the last 72 hours totaling nearly $284,000.


The total contributions in violation of Wisconsin statute 11.60(1) total $518,096. One Wisconsin Now previously filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board in September when Walker's improperly-reported contribution tally was $235,000 half of what it has risen to in the last several days.


"Scott Walker has improperly reported well over $500,000 in contributions from inside and outside of Wisconsin," said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. "Scott Walker has absolutely no interest in following the campaign finance rules of the state of Wisconsin and we again call for state regulators to address his serial violation of our laws."

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has much smaller fish to fry, filing complaints against three state senators for failing to provide complete information about donors. The amounts pale next to those of Walker, but WDC has never filed a complaint against him. What do you suppose is up?


June 7, 2011 - 5:10pm