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Paul Ryan Exits Janesville for Exclusive Golf Club in Utah

Paul Ryan following in Scott Walker's “anywhere but Wisconsin” footsteps.

The folks in Wisconsin's First Congressional District are occasionally treated with a visit from millionaire Paul Ryan trying to act like “just folks” as he convinces his constituents to just “trust him” because, like all millionaires, he knows what is best for the poor and the middle class.

While the people in his hometown of Janesville (median household income $45,9610) are deciding between the Dells or Great America for the family summer extravaganza, millionaire Paul is headlining the Republicanpaloza at the MOST exclusive golf club in Utah, Park City's Glenwild.  He will be much more comfortable among fellow millionaires and billionaires than when his is forced to return to Wisconsin and make believe that he prefers beer over expensive wine.

What is there about Wisconsin that our Republican politicians find so distasteful? Can they only stand to be around us for just a few days? I suppose that if you only are interested in Wisconsin's seven billionaires, rather than Wisconsin's 5.7 million people, you don't have to stay around very long.

We have to ask our friends who have traditionally voted for Republicans to stop and re-examine what has happened to their party and to look at who these people like Walker and Ryan are really serving. It is time to for Republicans, Democrats, and Independents to support Rob Zerban and prove once and for all that Wisconsin is not for sale to the highest bidder.  FORWARD!


June 22, 2012 - 9:42pm