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From our files...

Cleaning out the files, and ran across this email from May 25, 2006.  There is a name attached, but since I don't know whether that's who really sent it we'll just leave it anonymous, like most of this kind of emails we get from time to time;

Wait until the inside crap comes out on your buddy Doyle.

I’d be real careful if I were you.

The stuff on Doyle is going to make you look like a real horse’s ass.

But that’s all right. Keep wasting your resources on Green. He’s going to kick Doyle’s ass big time.

And you will be left licking your wounds.

By the way, you are not a big time player anymore!

Don’t cry baby!

I'm done crying over the 2006 governor's race.  How about you, pal?


November 8, 2011 - 5:23pm