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Open Thread - Whither Uppity Wisconsin?

I know I've promised this in one form or another multiple times, but it looks like there will actually be a completely new version of Uppitywis after the election (nope, I am not going to break everything right before the election because despite all appearances I am not that impulsive or stupid.) How long after the election is anyone's guess, but it's starting to take some shape in development.  New verson of Drupal to power it on, and some other fancy stuff.

Some changes that are going to happen include:

  • A little less bloggy, a little more web-sitey
  • Inclusion of a few more features so that bloggers can create more inclusive and powerful stories
  • A little more participatory for our readers

Other than those more or less general goals, I'd like to know what you readers out there would like to see.  Different sorts of content? Other social features? More pictures of cats?  Let us know ----


October 6, 2014 - 12:47pm