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Open records vs. online records

UPDATE:  GAB is posting the petitions online, but the right wingers won't be satisfied.  Here's why:

"In addition to providing copies to requestors, the G.A.B. will continue its past practice, and put all 153,335 pages of PDF copies of the petitions online later today, Kennedy said. The PDF copies are not computer-searchable."

Earlier post:  So the MacIver Institute, part of the right wing propaganda machine, is going to file an open records request about the recall petitions. 

This comment from "Gee" on the Boots and Sabers blog nails it:

There’s a difference between public documents and online documents. Posting them online is not required and will not make them public—because they already are public, not only accessible at the GAB office but also at almost a dozen sites around the state, as Walker was given the petitions last week by the GAB. So you can see them at the Walker office near you—and you even can help the volunteers checking them, too.

Democracy isn’t supposed to be easy, something anyone can do in their pajamas in the basement at mom’s computer. A lot of citizens went out into the cold for months to get signatures, so it’s comparatively easy to go to a warm office to see them.

Also: The GAB chairman is a Republican judge, just as last year’s GAB chairman was a Republican judge, still on the board, which has a Republican majority. Why not trust them to do the right thing—following the law, not expanding it? That the GAB exceeded requirements of the law in the past is no reason to push for the board to become activist judges now.

It's bogus, a non-issue.


January 31, 2012 - 9:42am