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Non-Union Referees Screw Local Community Owned Football Team


Just when you thought the anti-union movement couldn't get any worse for Wisconsin...

The greed of the “bottom line' business decisions of the Commissioner of the NFL has highlighted the tragedy of the current trend of “union busting' in our country. It is fashionable among conservatives to demean the worker and glorify the “job creator”. We see it in the current Republican rhetoric and we certainly have seen it in the Union busting of Governor Walker.

Maybe the horrible performance of the (I hesitate to use the word scab) non-union replacement referees in Seattle will illustrate to the fans and the public the importance of a well paid competent union workforce.

The quote in this morning's USA today sums it nicely;

“Call it what you want: A disgrace, a robbery, a pox on the integrity of the NFL. It all fits. Green Bay had a win stolen by replacement refs and by a commissioner more intent on a small part of his bottom line rather than the good of the sport.”


In addition, the hypocrisy of Walker, Ryan and Romney commenting on this “lock out” over salaries and pensions is mind boggling. Seriously, the NFL is trying to change the ref's pensions to 401ks! We all can identify with that! The 1% (Romney's guys) have screwed the private sector workers, Walker is screwing public sector workers, and Romney and Ryan would prefer to fire them all.

Again, the Overpass Light Brigade (OLB) has stated it brilliantly "NFL WTF?!"


September 25, 2012 - 11:36pm