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No, Virginia, there is no decertification

 At least not by employers, like the State of Wisconsin, for example.

While many news media outlets continue to write about and repeat Scott Walker's threat to "decertify" public employee unions, Milwaukee's Shepherd Express does a public service by setting the record straight, in an article entitled, "Can they really do that?" the answer is no:

The governor cannot “decertify” unions.Labor experts consulted for this article are completely baffled by Walker’s threat to “decertify” unions. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” one prominent labor lawyer told the Shepherd.

Unions working in the private sector may “decertify” themselves, but only if the members themselves call for it. The employer cannot decertify a union.

Likewise, the governor cannot “decertify” unions in the public sector. The right of public employees to organize and collectively bargain is set out in state statutes that have long been supported by members of both political parties. The statutes can be changed, of course. But the state Legislature—not the governor, acting unilaterally—would have to make that change. Since the Republicans will be in charge of both houses of the state Legislature, some sort of change may be on the way, even if it isn’t full “decertification” of unions.

You may have heard that before, here or here. But mostly you continue to read, on a daily basis, that Walker might decertify the unions, just because he once used that word.

Can't we expect just a little more from the folks who report and edit the news? Like a 60-second Google check, maybe? Come on, people, it's not that hard.


December 15, 2010 - 6:23pm