Got global warming? Oil getting expensive? Coal too dirty? Need a "new" energy source?

How about nuclear power? you remember, the stuff they promised would be "too cheap to meter" 50 years ago?

There's a push, nationally and in Wisconsin, to return to the days of new nukes. That means those of us who care about the environment need to return to the days of "No nukes."

There's a public hearing at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18, on Nuclear Power Plants –State Capitol, 412 East. Assembly Bills 346-347 have been scheduled for a public hearing by Committee on Energy and Utilities in the Assembly.  

The bill, proposed by a Legislative Council committee packed with nuclear power backers, would repeal Wisconsin's ban on new nuclear power plants until there is a solution to the age old problem of what to do with the deadly, high level nuclear waste the plants produce.

The industry's been promising us a solution to the nuclear waste issue for 50 years, too, but hasn't produced one. Some elements in the waste are so dangerous they need to be kept out of the environment for 250,000 years. But, hey, we'll be long gone, so who cares, right?

Speak up and stop this bad idea before it goes any farther.

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