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No guns for UW-Madison employees, Faculty Senate says

University of Wisconsin-Madison employees would be barred from carrying concealed weapons while in the course or scope of their employment, under a policy approved Monday by the Faculty Senate, the UW News Service

The policy, similar to a UW System policy now being drafted, states: “No employee shall carry or go armed with a firearm or other weapon at any time while in the course and scope of employment unless it is necessary as determined or approved by the chancellor or designees, usually the police chief.”

The policy does not apply to those employed as law enforcement officers.

Those violating the provision would be subject to employee discipline or dismissal. The policy is also expected to go before the Academic Staff Assembly, officials said.

A new law allowing concealed carry in Wisconsin takes effect on Nov. 1. In addition, the law provides the university may continue to ban  concealed weapons in its buildings, athletic events, at campus events  and where appropriate signage has been posted.

On Sept. 19, Physical Plant staff began installing signs on all building  entrances informing individuals that firearms and weapons continue to  be prohibited in buildings.


October 4, 2011 - 10:24am