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New spot says Prosser=Walker

A new Greater Wisconsin Committee television commercial questions Justice David Prosser’s ability to be impartial on the state's highest court and highlights Prosser’s links to Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-middle class agenda.

“We expect our Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to be independent, but whether Justice Prosser has demonstrated his ability to be impartial is questionable at best,” said Michelle McGrorty, executive director of Greater Wisconsin Committee. “In fact, his record and the signals he has sent suggest otherwise.”

Prosser voted with Walker 95% of the time when they served in the state legislature, both sharing a record of voting against the middle class, and as a justice, Prosser has voted for corporations over workers, the commercial says.

In addition to his voting record, the ad says Prosser has promised to act as a “complement” to Scott Walker because his views “closely mirror” Walker’s.

“Given Prosser’s record of siding with Walker, how can we trust him to be fair and impartial when judging cases that are likely to come before the court involving the questionable legality of the passage and content of Walker’s budget repair bill? The people of Wisconsin expect and deserve independent justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, not rubber stamps for the Walker agenda,” McGrorty said.

The commercial, by the Greater Wisconsin Committee, an issue advocacy organization with a long history of promoting judicial independence, ethics and integrity, began airing statewide on Friday. McGrorty did not disclose how long it would run or the amount of money spent to air it. .

The ad features the website which ,has further information on Prosser’s record and a petition asking Prosser to recuse himself from cases involving the Walker administration.



March 18, 2011 - 8:37am