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New Poll: Walker Loses to Dems in Recall Election / Barrett Beats Falk in Primary

A new poll was just released by, which is a pretty good pollster. They are considered a Democratic pollster, but they usually err slightly in favor of Republicans in their results.

Here are the most important findings: 

  • Scott Walker is below 50% in face-offs with all Democratic challengers.  In fact, the most Walker could must was 48% against Peter Barca.  This is a very bad sign for any incumbent, but especially Walker, who has saturated the air waves for the last three months without any advertising from the Dems.
  • Kathleen Falk, Ron Kind, Russ Feingold and Tom Barrett lead Walker in head-to-head match-ups. 
  • In a primary, Barrett beats Falk 45% to 18%, with Doug LaFollette picking up 14% and Vinehout 6%
  • 52% of Wisconsinites disapprove of Scott Walker's job performance.  Among women, this number is 54%, while with men his disapproval is 49%.  Among independents, this number is 55%.  Among voters over age 65, however, Walker's disapproval is only 45% and his approval is 54%
  • Among moderates, Barrett beats Walker 64 to 29%, Falk beats Walker 60 to 30%. 
  • Falk is viewed favorably by 31% and unfavorably by 43% while Barrett is viewed favorably 41% and unfavorably by 33%.   Interestingly, among women, Falk is viewed unfavorably by 38% / favorably by 32%, while Barrett is viewed unfavorably by 27% / favorbly by 41%.
  • The poll finds that there is not a majority in favor of the recall: 49% favor and 49% oppose a recall. This is a very important statistic.  There is 5-10 percent of voters that oppose Walker, but disagree strongly with a recall election because they think its an unfair tactic, that recalls should be like impeachment and only used for misconduct in office.   For these voters Democrats must drive home that it is a remedy for Walker's unfair actions:  He did not campaign on ending collective bargaining for public sector unions and then "dropped the bomb" a month after he got sworn in.  This is also why Dems are running the "Walkergate" ad to give those voters a "misconduct in office" angle to boot Walker.



February 28, 2012 - 2:04pm