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New Greater Wis. commercial: Wisconsin's dead last

Today the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund launched a major television and internet advertising campaign highlighting Scott Walker’s worst-in-the-nation jobs record. The effort is the first substantial paid media campaign of the year to highlight Walker's failed policies after months of pro-Walker advertising funded by his extremist ideological supporters like the Koch brothers and the Swift Boaters. 

The ad details how Wisconsin ranked dead last in job creation during 2011 by losing 12,500 jobs while most other states, including neighboring Midwestern states, are gaining jobs. The Wisconsin job situation has further deteriorated with news last week that the state lost an additional 4,500 jobs. Overall, in the 15 months Scott Walker has been in office, Wisconsin's economy has lost 14,200 jobs, while over that same period, the US economy added 2,365,000 jobs. 

“When Wisconsin ranks dead last in something as important as job creation, it’s obvious we have a problem. While the overall economy and our Midwestern neighbors are adding jobs at a pace consistent with our national recovery, Wisconsin shouldn't be losing jobs, and yet since Scott Walker became governor, we're worst-in-the-nation,” stated Michelle McGrorty, executive director of the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund. "Scott Walker's job-killing agenda of slashing education and job training while lavishing tax giveaways on his corporate donors has been a miserable failure." 

The ad is the first in a series of commercials that will run until the June 5th recall election that will highlight the need to replace Scott Walker.  A copy of the ad and further information about Walker’s record is available at .



April 23, 2012 - 10:20am