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National Lam-prosser's Missing Wisconsin Supreme Court Tapes

[img_assist|nid=65206|title=Reflexing his muscle|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=184|height=300]Back in the '70s, the old National Lampoon satirical magazine had a brief radio series and put out a LP record of the best shows. One was entitled "The Missing White House Tapes" and made fun of the Watergate scandal. Here -- updated for current Wisconsin events -- is a rewrite of one of the funniest skits (see link below to info on the original). 

[FADE IN: Police sirens wail over crowd noise and a reporter is heard talking into his mike:]

TV REPORTER: Here at the State Capitol in Madison, an altercation today in the chambers of the State Supreme Court, where at least one justice became agitated during deliberations over a get-tough-on-crime law and barricaded the doors. Police SWAT forces have brought in a professional negotiator to talk down the situation. The negotiator is now lifting a bullhorn. Let's listen in:

BULLHORN: This is former DA and Supreme Court Justice David Prosser! Now, I know I'm in there. If I don't come out with my hands up, I'm coming in after me!


August 29, 2011 - 9:10pm