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My Union Story

#333233;">I grew up in a union home. Nearly all my friends did as well. My parents were able to send all nine of us kids to a Catholic school. The same elementary and high schools for all nine of us. My mother did not work outside our home until my dad broke his back (helping a coworker and union member) and was laid up for over six months, when I was in the sixth grade. All nine of us were expected to pay at least part of our high school tuition. The girls paid their tuition with babysitting money and the boys mostly had paper routes. My freshman year at Regis my tuition was $175 and my mom slipped me $50 that she had saved. I was never sure if she did that for my other siblings because she said never tell anyone. Sorry Mom.

#333233;"> #333233;"> We had full medical coverage. My dad also had a pension plan that included my mother even if my dad were to die before he could retire. My dad retired from U.S. Rubber which was eventually  called Uniroyal, when he was 62, after 38 years in maintenance as a welder. 


March 2, 2011 - 6:43am