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Mountaineers join Pay to Plale

Pay to Plale -- the money from special interests who love State Sen. Jeff Plale and what he does for them -- continues right up to primary day (and no doubt beyond, if he wins.)

Monday, he revealed another $20,750 in late donations, mostly in the maximum $1,000 increments.

It's chock full of oil and gas money -- and, most notably, $8,500 from West Virginia coal interests.

Why would they be giving to the sponsor of a clean energy jobs bill in Wisconsin?

Gee, could it be because he killed his own bill?

How do you spend that much money in the last few days of a legislative campaign?  It's almost impossible -- unless, of course, you knew the last-minute money was coming, too late for anyone to find out, so you could go ahead and spend it in advance.

Tuesday's primary election day, when we find out whether voters in my State Senate district think Plale's behavior is OK.  Hard to believe, but they may send him back to Madison for four more years of wheeling and dealing.

Is this a great system or what?



September 13, 2010 - 9:36pm