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Most county governments in Wisconsin saying no to concealed carry


From our friends at the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort:

Working together, look what we've done!  Currently, approximately 75% of Wisconsin residents live in counties that have decided to keep guns out of county-owned buildings -- and the number keeps growing!

This is the tipping point in our movement’s campaign to keep our families safe from guns in public buildings.

And it's a direct result of thousands of determined supporters, like you, calling and writing to local officials, showing up at council meetings, writing letters to newspapers and spreading our commonsense message in every corner of the state.

With gun extremists pushing back, it’s more important than ever to thank local elected leaders that are helping make sure our communities are safe. And, where these local officials haven’t already opted out of the “guns anywhere” regime, we need to ask them to join the majority of Wisconsin.

We’re speaking up, and elected officials and the news media are taking note. Here are just a few examples showing the difference supporters like you are making:

"[Waukesha County Supervisor] Haukohl says she got many emails from her constituents about the ban's extension…They didn't want guns to be brought into a public facility, like a government building."     -NBC 4 Milwaukee

"We really haven't gotten any questions from citizens or our council saying maybe we should allow concealed carry in [Appleton’s] city buildings. All the communication we've received from the public, and there's a good stack of it that's on their desk tonight, has all said, 'Please don't allow it in city buildings,"      -Mayor Tim Hanna in ABC 2 Green Bay

  "…the weight of public opinion was heavily in favor of the ban. Being put on file Tuesday night were 59 e-mails supporting the weapons ban and one against."     -The Wauwatosa Patch

When the people speak, local government listens. 


December 21, 2011 - 1:02pm