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Morning Update

A few quick updates this morning before I leave my hotel room. 

There will be no school in Madison today - the schools have been closed due to the expected sick-out from MTI members.

Late last night the last of the people (reportedly about 100) were ejected from the hearing last night when the committee stopped listening to testimony (video below - thanks to channel 3 in Madison). 

There will be another rally at 11 at the capitol. Expect at least some live streaming from the rally, and pictures throughout the day.

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More video will be cropping up from time to time on the

Sly in the Morning (1670 AM) in Madison is carrying coverage this morning.

Several hundred people intended to spend the night in the capitol last night - I'll have more a little later in the day on how that went.

For excellent coverage of the rallies and activities from a different perspective --

It occurs to me this morning that much of American life is only an approximation of what it should be - Hotel "coffee",  Continental "breakfast" , "High-Speed Internet", "democracy".



February 16, 2011 - 7:45am