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Mining bill analysis: Read it and weep

Wondering whether the new mining legislation being readied for introduction, to clear the way for a huge open pit ore mine in northern Wisconsin, will protect the environment?  Wonder no more.

This analysis by Clean Wisconsin should make it clear. Environmental protection is at the bottom of the list of concerns of those who drafted the bill to green-light the Penokee mine.

Just the summary of the provisions in the bill draft, which Republicans hope to ram through the legislature before June 30, is enough to tell the story:

The bill "provides special treatment of iron mines ... exempting iron mines from important natural resource, wetlands and local community protections, as well as important procedural protections that currently protect citizens' inyerest in the exploraation, mining, and reclamation processes."

It says "expansion of the mining industry is a policy of the state."

It circumvents and short-circuits the DNR rulemaking process.

And it says if there is any conflict between the mining law and any other state law or regulation, the mining law prevails.

If that's not enough, you will find some more specifics here. It ain't pretty.



May 15, 2011 - 1:54pm