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Milwaukee Diocese Records Point to Johnson Writing Checks To Predator Priests Being Hidden Away by Green Bay Diocese

Back in 2002, every diocese in the country did internal reviews of sex abuse cases and then released a report of "substantiated" cases of "sexual abuse of minors" in the last 50 years.  Some dioceses, such as Milwaukee, released the names of the documented pedophiles, while others, such as the Green Bay diocese, chose only to release the number of pedophiles they had found.  

The Miwaukee Diocese had 43 names in their report.  Meanwhile, after eight years, the Green Bay Diocese has still not released the names of the 51 pedophile priests they know to have sexually assaulted a child.

What's amazing is that when you look at the list of Milwaukee predator priests, most are still alive and nine are still working for the diocese.  The diocese assures people that these guys are "fully restricted from priestly ministry," but I guess a "substantiated" assault of a child isn't enough to get you fired from the Milwaukee diocese.

Here's the thing: If most of the Milwaukee predator priests are still alive and 22% are still employed by the Diocese, one would be foolish not to believe that the Green Bay Diocese doesn't have similar proportions in their pool of 51 predator priests.  

That means that Johnson was clearly writing checks as a member of the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council (which has ultimate power over the Diocese's finances) to pay the salary of pedophile priests that the Green Bay diocese is protecting from public, criminal and civil scrutiny.

Presuming that the Green Bay Diocese has approximately the same proportions as  neighboring Milwaukee, that would mean that Johnson wrote checks to eleven predator priests!   

So, for those of you keeping score at home, at the time Johnson lobbied on behalf of the Green Bay Diocese to kill legislation that would have made it easier for childhood sexual abuse victims to sue, not only were there two lawsuits pending that the Green Bay Diocese was trying to weasel out of on statute-of-limitations grounds, but Johnson had to be aware of a large stable of predator priests that he was paying a salary as well as room and board.

And let me again reiterate:  These are not nice people. They are child predators that have sexually assaulted children in the past and will likely reoffend in the future.  While I would prefer to have these guys behind bars, at least the Milwaukee diocese makes their identities known so people can take proper precautions. 

Sadly, the same cannot be said of the Green Bay Diocese, who care more about getting sued than protecting children.



October 7, 2010 - 9:51pm