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Milwaukee and the Mets

Maybe this is common knowledge, but it was news to me to learn that the latest investor in the financially troubled New York Mets, hedge fund manager David Einhorn, grew up in Milwaukee. His family moved here when he was 7, according to this NY Times profile:

He said that he had, while growing up in Milwaukee, hit home runs into the backyard of the baseball commissioner, Bud Selig.

From the Business Journal, we learn:

Einhorn is the son of Stephen Einhorn, who runs Einhorn & Associates in Wauwatosa and is a leader of the Capital Midwest Fund, a venture capital fund that invests in Great Lakes region tech and science-related firms.

Hmmm, someone with Milwaukee roots and that kind of money. Hope Herb Kohl has his number. Certainly Selig, Kohl's college roommate, is a mutual acquaintance. Does Einhorn like hoops?


May 28, 2011 - 12:16pm