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Make Friday a little less black

From our friends at the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort:

Black Friday is always hectic, but this one will be different.      

Stores will still have shoppers scrambling over each other to snatch up the best deals. But for the first time, almost anyone will be able to carry a hidden, loaded gun.

The last thing you, or your friends and family, should be forced to worry about while browsing the aisles is your safety.

So as you kick off your holiday shopping, don’t forget the easy ways you can urge businesses to value your safety. Bring a stack of SAFE WISCONSIN cards and “no weapons allowed” signs to leave at every shop and restaurant you visit.

to pass out at the stores you visit.

Thanks to the tireless work of WAVE supporters like you, hundreds of businesses around Wisconsin have already opted to post signs keeping guns out.

We're hearing that many stores, including major malls around the state like Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire, Fox River Mall in Appleton and Brookfield Square have adopted no-guns-allowed policies.

But there are still too many businesses that don’t know they have a choice when it comes to Gov. Walker’s “guns anywhere” extremism.

Businesses listen to their customers. That’s why you’re the best person to ask them to keep guns off their premises. It’s the best way to make sure the places you and your family go to shop and eat remain places where you can feel safe.

I’m thankful for everything supporters like you have already done to reclaim Wisconsin. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

In Peace,
Jeri Bonavia Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort


November 23, 2011 - 1:03pm