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Mahlon Mitchell to run for lieutenant governor

As the recall frenzy has swept the state, political progressives have become uncomfortable that nobody has declared for the office of Lieutenant Governor, despite the fact that there will almost certainly be a recall against Rebecca Kleefisch.

This morning Mahlon Mitchell of the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin ..  This isn't a big surprise, as rumors of this have been floating for some time.  Mitchell has impressed progressives around the state with his statements on the Walker administration, collective bargaining, and more.

Mitchell said he thought he would retire as a firefighter in Madison, where he has worked nearly 15 years and currently serves as a lieutenant. But he said he became so upset with Walker's policies he felt compelled to run.

"In order to have real, lasting change, we have to work from inside out," Mitchell told The Associated Press before launching his campaign at a Milwaukee press conference. "I see politicians not taking care of the basic needs of citizens of our state."

We wish MItchell well during his campaign, and will be interested to see if any other candidates announce their intention for this seat.     We have also added Mitchell to the Uppity Fund - you can contribute to him with the widget to the right.



March 19, 2012 - 12:51pm