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MacIver Relies on Old Friend (Intellectual Dishonesty) to Argue for Cutting Wealthy's Income Taxes

The  is using the tired ploy of cherry-picking one of Wisconsin's taxes, comparing it to surrounding states, and then feigning outrage that the wealthy are over-taxed:  
Under the current tax code, an individual with taxable income of $11,000 in the State of Wisconsin would pay a higher state income tax rate than a millionaire in Illinois, Indiana, or Michigan.
  They also have an alarming graphic that shows Wisconsin collecting nearly twice as much in income taxes as Michigan:   [img_assist|nid=417637|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=230] With taxes, of course, you have to look at all the taxes that each state collects and when you do, the total per-capita taxes looks like this, according to the   Minnesota: $3,822 Illinois: $2,830 Average: $2,767 Wisconsin: $2,575 Iowa: $2,548 Michigan: $2,425 Indiana: $2,402   As you can see, Wisconsin's per-capita taxes of $2,575, are below the average of our neighboring states: $2,767   The Maciver institute is also dead wrong when they suggest that the rich are somehow overtaxed in Wisconsin.  In reality they pay a lower tax rate that the poor:  According to the most recent numbers from the  is that top 1% in Wisconsin pay only 6.9% of their income toward state taxes, while the bottom 20% pay 9.6%.   In addition, considering that the relatively high-taxing Minnesota has the highest median wages (translation:  people are netting more even with the higher taxes), has the best /allABCDE" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">short term job growth, second lowest unemployment rate, and has  to have the best job growth in 2013, MacIver's ascertions that the need to lower taxes to create good, high-paying jobs is way-off as well.
Asking the wealthy to pay their fair share and investing in our future aren't just cliches-- they actually work.  We need only look to our neighbors to the West to see that that this is true. 


May 21, 2013 - 11:07am