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Love wins again

Eight years ago I spent election day working with a group of people of every sexual orientation imaginable, getting students and other in Menomonie to go to the polls. That night we were all hit with the reality that our fellow citizens had voted to ensconce discrimination in our state constitution. It was a sad and vexing night, and one of the reasons this site came into being.

Almost eight years later this bad idea has been reversed finally by the Supreme Court refusing to hear appeals on the lawsuit against this law. It has been a long time coming, but finally marriage is open to all in Wisconsin (and several other states). Love finally wins in the end.

In the last four years we have been bombarded by other bad ideas that have become law in our state.  Many of those laws are also now in litigation to the extent tha tI sometimes believe we are forcing the courts to make all our legal decisions. We can make this stop, and we can make it stop much more quickly than  the eight years that today's decision took. Next month we have an opportunity to go to the polls and vote for candidates who believe in fairness, justice, and concensus rather than "divide and conquer". Go vote, and more importantly, drag anyone you can along to the polls with you. If you do not think your vote counts, ask yourself why many in our state are trying their damndest to make it harder to vote. It's time for a revolution in Wisconsin, and this time it needs to happen in schools, courthouses, and other polling places around the state. You can be part of the revolution by going out and filling out a ballot. It has never been more important.


October 6, 2014 - 11:39am