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Look them in the eye, say no to loaded guns in public

From Jeri Bonavia,

It’s nothing new for gun lobby extremists to play shortsighted political games that put our communities and families in harm’s way.  Their latest proposal to allow loaded, hidden weapons in our banks, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, taverns, universities and almost all other public places is, in some ways, more of the same.

But, what’s changed is that Madison is now home to an out-of-control governor with allies in the legislature who’ve shown they don’t care about the values we hold dear.

That’s why this Thursday, when the state legislature holds a hearing on guns in public, we’re going to be there to look our lawmakers in the eye while they introduce this dangerous plan. Can you join people from around the state in attending this critical hearing -- and help halt the latest effort to pass outrageous legislation?

RSVP to speak out at the "loaded guns in public" hearing in Madison on Thursday, May 12.

WAVE is going on high alert because this extreme proposal to allow guns in public is, frankly, one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced in our efforts to protect Wisconsin families from gun violence.

Yet the facts and common sense are on our side. States with the loosest gun laws also have some of the highest firearm death rates.  This is nothing more than a plan to adopt the failed policies of places that have more crime, more violence and more gun deaths.

In fact, after outcry from the public, law enforcement officials, gun violence victims and others, the Illinois state house defeated a similar “guns in public” bill a few days ago.
If we’ve learned anything recently, it’s that Walker and his allies will do anything to get their way.  They’ll try to ram this bill through without a real debate -- so WAVE supporters like you need to let our elected officials know that, when they threaten Wisconsin-values, we're not going to let them get away with it.  We're going to be there - every step of the way - to challenge them.

Sign up to attend the hearing in Madison and show our opposition to guns in public.

Together, let’s stay alert and do what it takes to defeat this dangerous, extremist proposal.


May 8, 2011 - 3:12pm