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Lies, Damn Lies, and the Wisconsin Idea

One of the more alarming trends in our society seems to be that we've completely given up on politicians. Not only do they receive very little respect, but we've reached the point where nobody is surprised when they lie. Over and over and over.

One of our current leading presidential candidates seems not to be able to say anything that is not either an outright lie or completely misleading. And when caught on his lies either says the never said it, or he threatens to sue.

But in our own state, we have our own home-grown liar, Scott Walker. Once again Walker . This is a recurring theme. His recent release of emails proving that the changes to the Wisconsin idea that almost sailed through the legislature were Walker's own idea is yet another example. Our governor and current legislature seem intent to have their way no matter what it takes. This includes the continual dumbing-down of the University system while attempting to turn it into a trade school.  It's time to stop accepting this. It's time to vote for people who are committed to the citizens of the state rather than self-serving interests. It's time to actually turn out at the polls and vote for candidates who will make a real difference. It's also time to pester your neighbors, friends, and  relatives to do the same.


June 5, 2016 - 10:29am