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League of American Voters Robocalls confused with LWV

You may have received one of the pernicious robo-calls being cast about this week by the League of American Voters (a pet project of the disgraced Dick Morris).  These calls a wildly deceptive, and full of half-truths (and eighth-truths, for that matter). 

The Center for Media and Democracy has documented the deceptions in these calls better than I could, so I will

We got one of these calls the other day, and were a little taken aback because the voice is fairly slurred at the beginning of the call, and it sounds for all the world like they might be saying that they're calling from the League of Women Voters.  Which is then followed by a text that the League of Women Voters would never send out. If you listen all the way to the end, they identify themselves fairly well.  But you have to listen to the end.

We're getting some reports that this is becoming a problem for the League of Women Voters, who are getting calls from people who are legitimately concerned that this long-standing non-partisan group is making wildl partisan calls.  Nope, the League hasn't lost it's mind - it's just a similar-sounding group that is apparently trying to take advantage of the name similarity.   Don't blame the League of Women Voters if you get one of these calls - they're continuing to do the same unbiased work they've always done.


March 5, 2011 - 7:54pm