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Latest Paul Ryan, RoJo and Glenn Grothmann antics break through into the mainstream

The "balanced" approach to news coverage often continues to allow the absurdity of conservative ideology to to seem acceptable by mainstream standards. It's like the comedy headline: "Flat-earth society declares round-earth science flawed; some scientists disagree." But at some point the absurdities become so great that their sheer weight creates a kind of media black hole that at least a few reporters and bloggers cannot resist noticing.

And so it is this week with some of Wisconsin's most notable or at least notorious GOP lawmakers. It's widely known how the Scott Walker campaign walked into a buzzsaw by attacking opponent Mary Burke on the issue of outsourcing jobs. But now other state GOP lawmakers are taking a buzz cut, too, at least from some news and information sources.

For instance, Rep. Paul Ryan for a little while got away with touting his newest, allegedly humane proposals to "help" people already helped by the social safety net, but pundits are increasingly notiicing how -- here's that word again -- absurd some of his newest ideas are. For instance, he would require people getting any kind of assistance, even the sweat-equity kind, to sign a "contract" obliging them to make a concerted effort or else lose the help. But social-service programs already punish the poor for failing to navigate through endless red tape and restrictions. Ryan would merely codify that eventuality in advance. This from the same political party that thinks contracts involving labor unions are worthless. Consistency, please.

Ryan's proposals emerged after he spent time touring "inner cities" and meeting with some of the people his policies are designed to diss and discourage. A nationally syndicated cartoonist enshrined the Ryan expeditions into a cartoon at the link below -- a sample panel can be seen above.

Lifting his head, meanwhile, US Senator Ron Johnson apparently saw how much media coverage Ryan was collecting from his willingness to go visit anti-Republican territory. So Johnson staged a tour of several once-foreclosed homes in Milwaukee's central city. Johnson's staff carefully picked homes that were rehabilitated and repopulated through a not-for-profit private agency called ACTS Housing, assisted by local banks. See a news link below.

Johnson raved about how foreclosed Milwaukee properties are being rescued by a program whose resources are private in nature, but the program is small and a city official pointed out that the foreclosure crisis has been so huge that an ultimate solution will depend not only on programs like ACTS but also federal help, which private developers rely upon. The city official said she hoped Johnson would be an advocate for continued federal support. Johnson's reaction? "I like the ACTS model better." Never mind that, no matter how nice it is, it's insufficient, or that for-profit banks don't, for the most part, underwrite the problems their own policies caused, unless they are successfully sued.

Finally, State Sen. Glenn Grothmann of West Bend, who is running for Congress in a safely gerrymandered Republican district, received the full monty over at DailyKos, where a blogger surveyed the GOP's massive role as an energetic source of "alternative fools." Key diss: "Grothmann's actions as state senator include sponsoring legislation to repeal the state's Equal Pay Enforcement Act, arguing in favor of a seven-day work week, and declaring Emily's List an “historically racist organization.” The stupid spurts from this man like water from a crumbling dam. Damn, he is goofy..."

A link for that analysis is also below.


August 7, 2014 - 2:07pm