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Koch? That sounds vaguely familiar

Belated because it got lost in the shuffle, but still worthy of note:

When Gov. Scott Walker testified before the House Oversight Committee last week, he was asked whether he had received any contributions from the billionaire  right-wing brothers, the Kochs.

Walker said he didn't know, that he had received contributions from more than 50,000 people and couldn't remember them all -- even the ones, apparently, who had contributed the $43,000 maximum from their political action committee, as the Kochs did.

The Republicans on the committee didn't pursue that line of questioning, since 13 of them (and one Democrat) have received Koch contributions themselves. It totals $111,500.

It's all very clear to see in this easy-to-read graphic. Check it out.


April 19, 2011 - 6:39pm