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Kloppenburg has a Narrow Lead of 224

that Kloppeburg is up by 140. That total apparently doesn't include Dunn County, whose county website shows all results in and Kloppenburg picking up an additional 229 votes.

This is, of course, all going to a recount, but always better to go into a recount with a lead than trailing.

UPDATE : AP has updated and confirmed that the lead is 369 for Klopp.

UPDATE : AP is reporting that with all but five precincts in, Klopp is ahead by 447.

Update : AP's margin is now 311... still showing five precincts out, though. Maybe they corrected an error.

Update : AP just added another precinct from Juneau County: New margin is 263. Only four precincts left: one from Jefferson County, one from Taylor county and two from Milwaukee county. The Jefferson county precinct should go 50/50 based on previous elections. Don't know which precinct in Taylor county, but Prossor won the county, overall. The two precincts in Milwaukee are supposedly in the West Allis area, which leans GOP, but has Dem pockets.

Update : AP just added Taylor county's remaining precinct: New margin 224. Only three precints left: two from West Allis area of Milwaukee county and one from Lake Mills Township in Jefferson county.





April 6, 2011 - 9:46am