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Kleefisch disclosure political? Ya think?

A contributor to a UK website, TopNewsUK, goes where no Wisconsin commentators have dared to tread:

Rebecca Kleefisch, a candidate for the post of Lieutenant Governor from the Republican Party, has revealed something that would go, in giving a boost to her political ventures by a long way...

The statement made by Ms. Kleefisch would definitely provide her with the much needed attention, especially during the race for the seat of the Lieutenant Governor. Taking into account the timing of the announcement, the move would lead to deeper political gains for the Republican.

Following the announcement of her previous condition, Ms. Kleefisch set out on a two-day road trip to campaign on the behalf of Scott Walker...

Despite the timing and her condition being a part of the campaign, Ms. Kleefisch has stated that her announcement was never politically motivated and that she just shared what she felt like sharing with the crew of 12 News.


October 3, 2010 - 11:34am