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JUST SHOOT ME: Online coupon offers 55% off Wisconsin concealed-carry course

[img_assist|nid=89581|title=|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=435|height=251]It was perhaps inevitable. Not only does the limit on packing concealed heat under the Wisconsin GOP's reckless new concealed carry law amount to no more than taking a four-hour training course. Now -- thanks to the miracle of modern web-based coupon sites -- you can get more than half off the usual fee. It's killer! And more than 300 Wisconsinites have already signed up. From the "Living Social" web offer, here is the honest-to-god, we-kid-you-not, right-between-the-eyes sales pitch:

As a proud American, you love your freedoms and rights: to vote, speak freely, and sing along to uber-patriotic songs at karaoke night. Now, today's deal from  in Hartland lets you exercise your Second Amendment rights. Pay $45, and you'll get a four-hour Wisconsin basic concealed carry course (a $99 value). This course, which teaches the ins and outs of handgun safety, satisfies the requirements for the Wisconsin concealed carry law, which goes in to effect November 1. In a professional environment, NRA-certified instructors will guide you through the basics of how to properly and safely use and store your weapon to keep your family safe -- at a price that won't blow holes in your budget.

Nope, wouldn't want to blow holes in anything, unless it's the credibility of the GOP, the NRA and this entire exercise in cock-sure foolishness, when a modern, advanced, socially responsible society was what most of us instead have hoped for. But if your eyes are widening, then lock and load, hike on over to Hartland, and get fired up for some serious bolt action. Just watch out in case Homer Simpson shows up:

M-m-m-m--m-m-m-m.  GUNS!

And if you act now, we'll throw in this free ice crusher!


October 28, 2011 - 7:44pm