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JS: Time for honesty -- at one level

The Journal Sentinel says "It's Time for Honesty" in talking about the nation's finances. Opines the paper:

There are two sides to any ledger - the cost side and the revenue side. The Republicans vow to cut wasteful spending but also vow to extend the Bush-era tax cuts in perpetuity. This is similar to the fuzzy math that got them into trouble during the administration of President George W. Bush when they enacted tax cuts and then put two wars and a brand new Medicare entitlement on the national credit card. Did these guys flunk math, or do they think that you did?

... [T]he nation needs to have an adult conversation about taxation and spending...

There is simply no way to tackle the country's long-term fiscal problems without making changes to entitlements - and raising taxes.

When can we expect the second installment, that says the same thing about the state level and the promises that Scott Walker and the new majority Republicans have made, to provide $5-billion or more in tax cuts while balancing the budget and eliminating a $2.7-billion state budget deficit?

Since the newspaper endorsed Walker and his platform, probably never. Walker clearly flunked math, as his primary opponent Mark Neumann once suggested. The newspaper appears to know better on the federal level. How about calling for an "adult conversation" on the state level?

Seems the other candidate, Tom Barrrett, called for that, but the paper couldn't or wouldn't hear him.



November 11, 2010 - 10:12am