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JS rolling to a Stone endorsement?

Has the Journal Sentinel tipped its hand in the Milwaukee County executive race?

The paper's much berated PolitiFact has rapped the knuckles of one exec candidate after another, but finally found one it could rate as telling the truth: Scott Walker wannabe Jeff Stone, who promises to carry out the Walker agenda to destroy county services.

Stone gets a "true" rating on a misleading claim, after the paper lets him "clarify" it and say it isn't misleading. (And they always believe the Republicans.)

Can an endorsement be far behind? Will they be able to wait until after the primary? They couldn't in the Supreme Court race, endorsing David Prosser before the campaign has even really started. They did the same for Walker when he ran for exec in 2004. In the paper's view, there seems to be little reason to have a general election campaign.


February 12, 2011 - 2:02pm