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Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact Has a Clear GOP Bias

The Journal Sentinel's PolitiFact is a joke.

There is no rhyme or reason of when they will weigh in on an ad or a statement a politician makes and when they do, they clearly are showing a GOP bias in their analysis.

In a nutshell, a candidate can get one of six rulings on their politfactiness: pants on fire (the worst), false, barely true, half-true, mostly true, or true (the best).

PolitiFact has chosen to pull out the "pants on fire" ruling three times and all three times have been for Democrats.  (PolitiFact has never rated a comment their highest designation of "true," but they have twice designated ads as "mostly true"-- and both of those have gone to Republican candidates.)

None of the three alleged misstatments by Democrats deserve the "pants on fire" designation.  Let's take a look at them:

The first is a Feingold statment that he has has been outspent every time he ran for the Senate.  MJS quibbles with Feingold and says that he outspent Michels in 2004.  This is true if you only look post-primary, but Michels and his primary opponents spent millions hitting on Feingold before Michels won the primary, which is very close to the general election in Wisconsin.  Can you imagine only counting the money Ron Johnson spent against Feingold, AFTER the September primary, it would be an absurd proposition.   In addition, Feingold always comes out on the short-end when it comes to spending from outside groups.

The second is that DCCC said in an ad that Sean Duffy supports a plan to privatize social security.  This is true! Duffy has said he supports Ryan's social security plan and Ryan's plan cleary privatizes Social Security!

The third, is the only "pants on fire" designee that deserves something less than true.  Here they are looking at a mistake on the Barrett's website that said that "violent crime rate" went down to 20 year low during Barrett's tenure.  The campaign meant to say "murder rate," which has gone to a twenty year low during Barrett years.  A mistake, yes, but not one deserving the "pants on fire" designation.

Unfortunately, every other designation is heavily toward the GOP as well. 

The funny thing though, is that the MJS has not found a single statement or ad by a GOP politician to brand with their nuclear "pants on fire" designation and couldn't find anything by a Democrat to designate as "mostly true" or higher!

And its not like the Republicans are lacking in material: Ron Johnson is running the most dishonest campaign in Wisconsin history.  Take the MJS's latest take on Ron Johnson's absurd claim that Social Security is like a Ponzi-scheme.  PolitiFact rated it as "barely true," but doesn't say why any part of comparing Social Security to a Ponzi Scheme is true. This is open and shut: A Ponzi scheme doesn't run for 75 years! That's what doesn't make it a Ponzi scheme!  If there was ever a "pants on fire" moment, this was it!




September 22, 2010 - 6:46pm