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The Journal Sentinel is entitled to its opinion, but not to your money

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's endorsement of Scott Walker -- again -- should come as no surprise, even if, as the JS said it would not endorse any candidates.

They love Scott Walker.  They always have.  They endorsed him repeatedly for Milwaukee County executive (One year they didn't even wait until after the primary to endorse him in the general).  They endorsed him in 2010.  And they did it again today.

The newspaper seems to think the recall is about a single issue.  Perhaps it is, but not the one they think.  It is about whether the voters can trust Scott Walker to reflect their interest and their values.  The answer is quite clear. 

I'd cancel our subscription if I could, but we already did that five years ago, and have never regretted it. 

I'm reminded of something Ed Garvey said 25 years ago, during his first US Senate campaign: 

"You know how when you quit smoking you feel worse at first, and then gradually start to feel better? 

"Well, when you quit the Milwaukee Sentinel, you feel good right away."

Those were the days when Milwaukee had two newspapers, and the Sentinel was the conservative one, the Journal the liberal paper.  Now we have one newspaper with a merged name, but it inherited the Sentinel's politics. 

When you quit the Journal Sentinel, it feels good right away.  But don't take it from me.  Try it yourself and see.


May 19, 2012 - 7:57pm