Such a deal: Kind of like buy one, get one free.

During the governor's race last year, I signed up for the Mark Green e-mail list, so I'd see what they were sending out to supporters. I used a pseudonym -- our dog's name -- so they wouldn't recognize me as a Doyle guy and purge me from the list. I've never used that name for any other purpose.

So imagine my surprise -- or our dog's surprise -- when he got an e-mail from the Annette Ziegler campaign this week.  (UPDATE: The dog got another one Monday morning.)

What do the Green and Ziegler campaigns have in common?

Mark Graul as campaign manager.

Last word on the race: The state's two largest newspapers, one with a liberal-leaning editorial page and one with a conservative bent, both endorsed Linda Clifford today.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wisconsin State Journal.

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